Astronaut Training

Astronauts and Mission Controllers are divided into two teams - Team VIKING and Team MARINER. Each team consists of six Astronauts and six Mission Control Officers. Astronauts are teamed with a specific Mission Control Officer, with whom they'll have direct audio communications.

  • There are two mission sessions during the program so all students will act as an Astronaut and a Mission Control Officer (MCO).

  • Astronauts will select (or be assigned) a specific role. Both Team Viking and Team Mariner are on the surface at the same time - and astronauts are expected to cooperate with each other. Safety on the surface is the responsibility of all astronauts. Equipment must be used safely.

  • All astronauts are equipped with a spacesuit, helmet, air supply, overboots and gloves. You'll be supplied with a flight suit and name tags on arrival, and you'll need to let your teacher know your clothing size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL). Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

  • Once you know your astronaut role, you'll need to learn about the equipment you'll use, and the samples and data you'll need to collect.

Mission Control

Mission Control is equipped with screens relaying images from the Mars surface, and individual computer stations that monitor the environment and health and safety of the astronauts. Mission Control Officers can see close-ups of what's happening on the surface by directing the Astronauts to use a hand-held video camera.

All Mission Control Officers are equipped with:

  • A headset for audio communications with their assigned astronaut

  • A satellite map of the Mars' surface

  • Instructions for all equipment, tasks and data collection